Testing for gluten sensitivity

Some people cannot tolerate gluten, and they may have a positive test result for coeliac disease. This means they can get gluten-free foods on prescription. Others may not have coeliac disease, but still have problems with foods containing gluten. There are various tests for non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. One specialist lab used by Greenfields is Cyrex Labs in America. They have a range of tests for gluten sensitivity, please see their website:

Of the available Cyrex Lab tests, Array 3 is usually done to find out whether there is gluten sensitivity, and Array 4 may also be recommended if cross-reactivity with other foods is suspected.

To arrange a gluten sensitivity test please call Greenfields Clinic to make a naturopathy appointment with one of our naturopaths on 01227 454 848. We will help you decide which test would be the most suitable for you. 


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